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Sandstone is a consolidated rock composed mostly of sand-sized grains cemented by clay, silica, carbonate, or iron oxide. In petrology, sedimentary environment is essential for the forming and cementing of fine and rather hard sandstone. Geologically, China’s large Sichuan Province, in which the Sichuan Basin lies, provided this sedimentary environment. The sandstone found in Sichuan Basin usually takes on a large variety of colors, and the texture softens beautifully, the grain size tends to be fine. In addition to such-mentioned excellent looks, the sandstone in Sichuan basin extensively displays outstanding wear resistance as the compaction of sediment is tight which enhance its hardness properties.

Sandstone has been used as a good building material since man began to learn building. As natural materials originated in different places with different composition, the chemical and physical properties are difficult to evaluate as it depends on variable factors. Typically, Sandstone weighs 120 -140 pounds per cubic foot depending on the grade. The hardness varies much with the scale you take. Knoop and Brinell hardness methods which widely applicable in machinery industries are very limited in stone-producing sectors for they are very specialized, and on the other hand, Moh's scale isn't much use on sandstones friable as it is difficult to see a true scratch which is the indentation resulted from this kind of methods.

In modern times, sandstones’ applications covers a wide range for it unique characteristics. Unlike granite and marble, sandstones are always porous and they do not take a good polish. This high porosity makes them absorb large quantities of water and give them excellent acoustical performances, and consequently they are ideal material in outdoor paving or indoor theater constructions.

Sandstone is environment-intimate as it is totally free of  any radio activities, and this makes it widely accepted when serious healthy concerns are taken into consideration. Apart from this, its relatively coarse surface finish provide another simple fashion in decoration favored much more in our times for this represents popular middle-class style and taste alternative to the past gaudy and showing-off manners. 

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