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Marble, belongs to the Metamorphic rocks which specifically indicate that they are turned, or metamorphosed from other rocks or metamorphic rock itself by the conditions underground. People believes that there are four main agents that metamorphose rocks are heat, pressure, fluids and strain. These agents can act and interact in an infinite variety of ways.

To be specific, the sedimentary rocks limestone become marble when metamorphosed. Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of very pure limestone, but marble can be any color based on the impurities that may have existed in the original limestone. Marble is capable of  taking a high polish, and is used primarily as a building and ornamental stone, in monuments, table tops, wash basins, statuary, and other decorative applications.

Marble is durable when in a dry atmosphere and when protected from rain, but its surface crumbles readily when exposed to a moist, and acid atmosphere.

Marble in archtechture or in building decorations reminds us the taste of  the aristocrat. Two great buildings in the world, Milan Cathedral in Italy and Taj mahal in India, both can rank among the world heritage of  human civilizations, were constructed with marbles. Milan Cathedral is highly praised as the poetry written with marbles, and Taj mahal as the tribute to beauty.

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