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Black Vein Sandstone

  • (Product photos are different colors, please subject the actual sample)
    Class Type: Sandstone
    Origin: Sichuan
    Stone Type: Sandstone
    Brand: Wanfule
    Size: According to your demand
    Processing Type: Cutting chisel, rough grinding, fine grinding, surface treatment, matt, natural surface, flamed, bush hammered, etc.
    Supply Ability: 4,000 tons / year
    Packing: Wooden box, with a soft liner (Europe and the United States required)
    Uses & Features: Wall stone, road paving, decoration, landscape gardening, carving stone, special
    Port: Chongqing

     Technical Date (This parameter is for reference only)
    Density: 2.5g/cm3-2.65g/cm3
    Absorption by Weight: 2.5% average
    Compressive Strength: 57--80 MPa dry, 22-30MPa wet
    Modulus of Rupture: 8.9-12.4 MPa dry, 2.5-3.5MPa wet
    Radioactivity: NO

     Processing of size and processing

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