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Wanfu Stone Industry

Founded in 1996, is headquartered in Chengdu Hi-tech West, is a mining, production, processing, marketing and architectural decoration, goods, technology import and export of large-scale private enterprises.

There is life in the stones we are working on

With such notion deep-rooted in our stone processing ,Sichuan Wanfu stone industry Co.,Ltd is dedicated to make the superior stone materials of pure nature and Age as the earliest civilization Began and the primitive humens found access to the benefits that eventually improved mankind Himself and changed the process of social history

Now, as one of china’s large-scale natural stone processing industry certifcate  to ISO 9001:2000,our perspective understanding of stone combines history ,culture,architecture masonry and aesthetics a solid whole. Even at present ,with the incredible efficiency resulted from modem  huge machinery and the claimed control of fine and tremendous high-yielding quarries for our further global distribution ,we still treat the hard stones with our soft and tender heart as it had been treated before .  Our stone products were awarded Quality Reliable by our local and China’s nation quality  inspection authorities respectively in 1998 and in 2002,and we were Grade-A Contract-abiding and Credit-standing Enterprise accredited every three years by Chengdu Enterprise Contract-abiding Promotion Council, also in the same period ,the Mayors’   Association of Sichuan Province listed us one of the Key Contact Enterprises for its urbanization strategy, and in 2005,China’s Building and Decoration Almanac listed us on.

Our products cover a wide range of series including granite, marble and sandstone. The sandstone Reservation are abundant in our local province, and with their unique characteristics of fine grains tender textures and rich colors they are widely accepted by our customers in Russia ,Japan. South Korea ,Spain, U.K .and Germany . Sandstone  is totally radio free and it can absorb with its air-water permeability for our use ,especially when environmental or acoustical requirements seriously considered.

In addition to our fames and superior products well known by our customers, our efforts in our municipal infrastructure is highly-appraised and the major among them are the sandstone pavement for Guanghua Ave. Qingyang District of Chengdu , and the 20 kilometers sandstone guardrail constructed for the Fuhe  River sightseeing project of  UN Human Settlement Award

We know that the natural stone materials are growing scarce with the worldly increasing demands and the public sentiments about ecological disposal. Stone should have been better-treasured, and better-carded. It once represented  a civilization age though which human find himself nowadays place. It’s worth of working for, sweating for…… to the eternal and more sophisticated future.

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